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Canada Executive Management & Professional Centre (CEMP Centre) is an international capacity development and consulting firm with headquarters in Toronto Canada.

We provide up-to-date training for executives, managers and professionals in various fields. Our training includes in-house workshops, on-site hands-on training, international workshops, seminars and professional conferences. The Centre also provides access to one of the biggest and most trusted online library resources for management learning Centre, risk management, project management, academic & research databases, webinars, video conference and online platform for professional collaboration among experts across the globe.

We provide consulting services on Project Management, Risk Management and Insurance, Financial Management, HR, Analytics, Information Technology, software and web-development, and organize international exchange programs for young and upcoming professionals.

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Our mission is to provide a global platform for continuous education and capacity development for citizen-leaders, executives and professionals through commitment to the transformative power of innovative ideas.


Our vision is to break barriers for all people and provide effective access to the world of knowledge, new discoveries and latest management techniques and innovation through networks of expertise and global collaborations.

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Satellite Office

CEMP Centre, 202A Oakdale Rd. Suite 4

Toronto, Ontario Canada M3N 2S5


Phone: 1-416-836-2301

CEMP Centre

International Professionals from over 100 countries around the world have chosen Canada as their training destination. CEMP Centre prides itself on quality services, programming and academic processes. Find out more about coming to Canada and learning at CEMP Centre.