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HR & Customer Service

HR & Customer Service

Manage, coach and inspire your team to new levels of performance

This course will give you the fundamental skills to succeed in your new leadership role. You will learn key concepts and practice using tools for communicating, leading change, coaching and inspiring that will enable you to build a high-performing team of engaged employees. And, you will walk away from this seminar with a powerful action plan to leverage your new skills and transform your management challenges.

Learning Outcome

Identify the roles and responsibilities of a leader and your impact on others

Gain awareness of your behavioural style and learn to recognize the styles of others

Adapt your style to improve communications and relationships with others

Support your employees through phases of transition and change

Recognize what and when to delegate, to whom

Deliver feedback that will re-direct behaviour and inspire employees

Use performance management to motivate and engage your employees


Empower others by giving individuals clear goals and the autonomy to do their best work

Maximize productivity through delegation and performance management

Gain the confidence to provide employees with ongoing feedback and coaching

Avoid common pitfalls for new supervisors and managers

Who Should Attend

Supervisors and managers with one to 3 years of experience supervising and managing others

Duration: 2days ($1500 Hotel accommodation included)

  • Customer Service Training for frontline Employees Duration: 2 days
  • Train the Trainer for Effective Facilitation Skills Duration: 2 days
  • Develop Effective Interview Skills & Hire Smart Duration: 2 days
  • Managing People for Peak Performance Duration: 2 days
  • Bridging the gap of multi-generational workforce Duration: 2 days
  • Change management Duration: 2 days
  • Management skills for new supervisors and managers Duration: 2 days

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