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All-Inclusive Top Executive Risk Management Program

Start Date1 July 2021
End Date6 July 2021
Time1:00 pm
LocationACADEC Conference Center, 6 -168 Oakdale Rd., Toronto ON, M3N5S4 Canada
Program StatusOPEN

Current & Emerging Risk Management in a Competitive Environment

This workshop teaches advance risk management techniques and process particularly as it relates to new and emerging risks in the modern world of technology. It starts with an enterprise-wide perspective on risk, then examines risk identification and most recent analysis tools and techniques, including risk registers and risk mapping. You'll learn about risk management most current standards and guidelines worldwide, as well as other important financial risks such as liquidity and capital investment. Risk oversight, monitoring and assurance are discussed from the perspective of governance and control.




There are no prerequisites for this course.

Note: For all candidate $500 non-refundable registration/administrative fee applies.

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