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Water Resources Management in a Changing World

Start Date15 June 2021
End Date20 June 2021
Time12:50 pm
LocationACADEC Conference Center, 6 - 168 Oakdale Rd., Toronto M3N5S4 ON Canada
Program StatusOPEN

Freshwater resources represent only 3% of the world water body. Demand for new housing, hydropower, residential/industrial water use, agricultural food productions, etc. to cater for the growing world populations are increasing the competing water users within watersheds.

The combined impacts of changing land uses (e.g. urbanization or forestry) and climate are other major stresses exerting great pressures on our limited freshwater resources both in term of quality and quantity. There is growing evidence that these trends might continue into the future, suggesting a need for continuous education for the next generation of professionals that will continue to advocate for the sustainability of the environment.

The goal of this course is to foster participants knowledge of inherent issues associated with water resources sustainability management at the complex interplay of scientific, economic, social and political framework. This three days course will adopt interdisciplinary approach and apply different relevant theories to assess potentials and drawbacks of current best management principles around the world and how these practices could help in climate and land use mitigation/adaptation in the near future. Trade-off between societal water needs and environmental requirement will be discussed.

This course will be delivered through a combination of lectures, seminars, case studies and role play, and it is directed to policy makers, public administrators, academics, environmental activists and scientists with vested interest in sustainable water resources management.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Note: For all candidate $500 non-refundable registration/administrative fee applies.

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