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Project Accounting for Senior Executives and Professional Accountants, Auditors and Bankers

Start Date15 June 2021
End Date20 June 2021
Time7:30 pm
LocationACADEC Conference Center, 6 - 168 Oakdale Rd., Tornto ON, M3N5S4, Canada
Program StatusOPEN

This workshop enhances the ability of participants to better understand project risk assessment from an accounting and auditing perspectives, maximize profit outcomes of every project by leveraging accounting and financing tools & principles to improve each project’s profitability by understanding its costs and benefits analysis using Monte Carlos and other simulation tools.

Also, the course enhances participants ability to analyze their business’s financial information to choose the right project, develop, implement, and analyze key financial information, translating financial information into project terms and establishing financial benchmarks, identify, analyze, and refine project costs to produce a budget, control project costs, and apply agile methodologies to budgeting, tracking and reporting project costs and profitability.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Note: For all candidate $500 non-refundable registration/administrative fee applies.

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