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All-Inclusive Microfinance, Credit Union & Cooperative Management Workshop

Start Date25 July 2021
End Date30 July 2021
Time10:00 am
LocationACADEC Conference Center, 6 -168 Oakdale Rd., Toronto M3N5S4 ON, Canada
Program StatusOPEN

Course Description

This course in collaboration with Heirloom Investments, USA provides finance managers and executive members of alternative financial service providers such as cooperative societies, microfinance outfits and credit unions with essential tools needed to deliver successful community inclusive financial services. All-inclusive financial management system developed, controlled and managed by community members is critical for oiling the engine of micro-economy in the rural and quasi-urban settlements  or priority neighborhoods where formal banking system are less present or less accessible. Therefore, traditional savings groups, loans associations, farmers groups, traders groups, cooperative societies and credit unions provide a life-line financial platform for the vast majority of people in the developing nations and those who have no formal collateral to secure conventional bank loans, thereby giving them opportunity to contribute to societal economic development in a collective real sense of community building. Value chain management, entrepreneurial skills, financial education, money management and modern microfinance engineering are among knowledge areas to be gained from this interactive workshop as educators and experts in the areas of cooperative education and microfinance in North America share their experience and research results with participants from developing countries.

Who Should Attend

  • This program is intended for financial services practitioners from:
  • Micro Finance Banks and Rural Financial Institutions.
  • Credit Union executives, members and staff.
  • Cooperative Society executives, members and staff.
  • Bankers interested in providing realistic financial services achievable in rural areas, under-served communities and priority neighbourhoods.
  • Financial services regulators, government officials, trainers, and small business owners.
  • Community Development Association leaders.
  • Trade Union Leaders and Executives.

Course Materials

  • Course workbook containing presentation slides, course reference book, case study, exercises and sample solutions
  • Reference files containing course specific and general financial management materials
  • Certificate of completion 

Learning Outcomes

Through simulation, group exercises, and discussion, participants completing this workshop will be able to…

  • Understand the benefit of proactive microfinance, cooperatives and credit unions in developing rural and semi-urban economy.
  • Develop skills to develop financial products and services to meet the needs of low-income earners, traders, farmers and young entrepreneurs.
  • Develop extensive understanding of the financial needs of different community, societies, associations and unions in order to serve their members with appropriate financial products, financial education and economic linkages.
  • Enhance the capacity of community banks, microfinance bank, and various cooperatives groups to develop penetration strategies to expand financial freedom to all members and stakeholders.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Note: For all candidate $500 non-refundable registration/administrative fee applies.

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